The modern seaside resort Cadzad-Bad is in the extraordinary province of Zeeland. This is where to enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands with clear seawater and culinary highlights like mussels and lobsters. Family beaches, water sports, shopping areas, beautiful nature and the best restaurants for lunch and dinner. Cadzand-Bad has everything your heart desires.




Cadzand is famous for its beautiful, safe and clean beaches. The eleven kilometers of coastline promises fun for young and old. The family beaches have playing facilities for children and lifeguards to keep an eye out . Are you a lover of water sports? At Cadzand-Bad you can go blowkarting, surfing, wakeboarding and kitesurfing. You'll find different spots and schools offering lessons and materials, like Moio Beach. It's also possible to rent boats at Cadzand-Bad and you might spot some seals along the way.



In Zeeland you can enjoy fresh products in the best restaurants. Surrounded by highly fertile soil and sea, it's no surprise that Zeeland has so many culinary delights to offer. In fact, the province has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Dutch province. At Cadzand-Bad you have Michelin-starred restaurant Pure C by top chef Sergio Herman. In the dazzlingly stylish setting of this restaurant you can enjoy the best local products combined with Mediterranean influences. Air Republic is another delightful establishment from Sergio Herman in Cadzand-Bad and in July 2018 his new restaurant Blueness opened. It's situated at the Strandhotel, just like Pure C, and offers the most amazing local products with Japanese influences. Besides Michelin-starred restaurants Cadzand-Bad offers a variety of restaurants like tapas bars and sea restaurants such as De Piraat, Caricole or De Zeemeeuw.



The best way to see unique plants and animals is to walk along a natural beach. At Cadzand-Bad you'll find Kievitte and 't Zwin. There is so much to see at these nature reserves, because of the sea water that comes in every tide. The salty seawater brings unique vegetation and animals into this area, like sea holly and sea fennel and animals like the nightingale and highland cattle. At 't Zwin you can even find ancient shark's teeth. Furthermore, it's very popular to rent bikes and cycle along the dunes and enjoy the incredible view.




In only ten minutes you can cycle from Cadzand-Bad to the mondaine and vibrant seaside resort Knokke-Heist  in Belgium. Knokke is famous for its fireworks in summer, the high end shops and vibrant nightlife. Shopping is a favourite pastime for visitors to Knokke-Heist. From the Lippenslaan to the Kustlaan you'll find hundreds of shops over a distance of a few kilometres. You can also shop here on sunday.



A fifteen minute car drive brings you to Sluis. Founded in 1280 Sluis is a charming fortress town famous for its belfry and excellent shopping. It is seen by many as Burgundian, a Dutch term for funloving and almost eclectic. Sluis boasts the only town hall in the Netherlands with a belfry. This 14th-century Flemish clock tower is also home to the oldest Dutch clock figure: Jantje van Sluis. The wooden mechanical hooded man oversees the ringing of the bells every thirty minutes.



Within a hour from Cadzand-Bad, there is the medieval river port city Gent in the northwest of Belgium. Gent is a lively university town and cultural center with beautifully preserved medieval architecture at its center. Visit the magnificent Sint-Baafskathedraal or the castle Gravensteen. Furthermore, Gent is a city for beer lovers with its famous bars and breweries. From abbey beer tot the most exotic fruit beers.